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Acne Treatment at DermCare, Mississauga

Acne - Effective treatment at DermCare If you are battling acne, you are not alone. It is the most common skin condition in America, affecting men and women of all ages. The good news is that it can be controlled with a customized treatment plan from DermCare in Mississauga.

Understanding acne

Often, the terms acne and pimples are used interchangeably. In reality, pimples are only one symptom of acne. It can also cause nodules, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, and papules. Acne begins when dead skin cells mix with skin oil, clogging pores. Bacteria is often trapped inside the pore, where it multiplies rapidly.

Evaluation and diagnosis

If over the counter medication is ineffective, or seems to aggravate your symptoms, it is time to see a dermatologist. You may need a stronger formula, or something better suited to your skin type. It is also possible that you might not have acne at all.

Most patients are quite confident in their self-diagnosis of acne. However, there are other skin conditions that can cause pimple-like outbreaks. Rosacea in particular is commonly confused with acne. Despite some visual similarities, the causes and treatment are quite different.

Treating and managing acne

The key to an effective solution is designing the treatment plan around your unique needs. Your dermatologist will evaluate the severity of acne, skin type, presence of other dermatological conditions, and overall skin health.

For active acne, treatment may include:
  • Prescription strength medication
  • Topical treatment with SkinCeuticals products
  • In-office treatment to clear skin
  • Guidance for optimizing your daily skincare
For acne scars and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, treatment may include:
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Micro needling
  • Dermal infusion
  • Topical treatment with SkinCeuticals products
  • Chemical peeling
Don’t let acne control your life. Call (855) 952-4455 and schedule a consultation to find out how DermCare can help you take control, and enjoy beautiful, glowing skin every day.
Rating: 5 I had the privilege to be seen by Dr. Faisal Al-Mohammedi who helped me with treating my acne and I am now pimple free :) !! (with the occasional one or two that come once in awhile) I really appreciated Dr. Al-Mohammedi's time in listening to my concerns and following up with me to see if my skin was improving with the prescribed treatment. The previous dermatologists I have seen didn't even bother following up with and were very rushed. Overall, great experience at DermCare and highly recommend coming to his office.

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“I can’t say enough about the service I received from your office. After spending thousands of dollars in other offices, I finally found an office that knows skin! No frills or fuss but to the point basics of getting my skin beautiful. I tell everyone about Dr. Al-Mohammedi, even other doctors!”
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