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Actinic Keratosis Treatment at DermCare, Mississauga

Actinic Keratosis - Diagnosis and treatment at DermCare DermCare in Mississauga provides diagnosis and treatment for precancerous skin lesions, known as actinic keratosis. These lesions manifest as scaly or crusty growths, usually appearing on areas of the body that receive the most sun exposure. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, about one in ten actinic keratosis lesions will evolve into squamous cell carcinoma (a form of skin cancer) if not treated.

Causes and risks of actinic keratosis

The vast majority of precancers are caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, either from natural sunlight or artificial tanning lamps. In rare cases, it may result from x-ray radiation exposure, or certain toxic chemicals. Damaged DNA, leads to harmful skin changes at a cellular level. The damage does not go away with time; instead it accumulates over the years increasing the risk of actinic keratosis and skin cancer with age.

Treatment options

Most patients choose to have precancerous and suspicious growths removed as a preventive measure. The good news is that actinic keratosis can be treated quickly and effectively. The most common solution is to simply remove the lesion. It may be removed with a scalpel or laser based surgery, or using liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesion. The procedure is generally completed in just one office visit with minimal recovery. In some cases, your dermatologist may prescribe a topical medication that you can apply at home.

Once effectively treated, these spots will not evolve into skin cancer. However, you may develop additional actinic keratoses in the future. The likelihood of that happening is dependent on the severity of the problem. If you have a large number of actinic keratosis lesions, you are very likely to develop more of them.

If you have concerns about potentially cancerous or precancerous spots, call DermCare at (855) 952-4455 and schedule an examination today.

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