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Rejuvenate damaged, time-worn skin with versatile CO2 laser resurfacing in Mississauga, ON

Co2 Laser Resurfacing In Mississauga, ON

“Resurfacing” at DermCare refers to not one, but an entire category of treatments. Led by Board-certified dermatologists, Drs Faisal Al-Mohammedi and Aiza Ejaz, the DermCare team improves the health, appearance, and feel of your skin with customised solutions, handheld devices that gently lift dead cells, and laser technologies. Co2 Laser Resurfacing in Mississauga, ON at the DermCare office represents one of the most well-established methods to not only remove dead and damaged skin cells at the surface, but to also stimulate the restorative process of collagen production.

A word on skin resurfacing treatment

All resurfacing, whether through chemical, mechanical, or laser means, works in much the same way; the idea is to use peels, microdermabrasion, or laser devices to eliminate the dead skin cells that build up on the epidermis. In young skin, the cell’s journey from lower epidermis to the surface takes less time. There isn’t the opportunity for dead skin to build up. Sluggish turnover results in a tired, dull complexion, leathery texture, and other signs of aging.

Embrace the beauty of resurfacing with lasers

Laser and light-based devices have seemingly boundless cosmetic and medical applications. Light from laser beams delivers targeted, therapeutic energy to treatment areas. Dermatologically speaking, dead surface cells are gently lifted, while leaving the surrounding area untouched. Fresh, new skin cells are promoted, and collagen is replenished in the mid-layer or dermis to tighten, add firmness, and restore full, youthful contours.

CO2 laser treatment

CO2 or carbon dioxide lasers have been in existence since the 1960s. They are a popular, well-accepted way to treat pigmentation, such as age spots and melasma. Our patients have also seen an improvement in the appearance of lines and furrows, and CO2 laser for surgical scars might be in your future, too. If past signs of outbreaks linger on your skin, Drs Al-Mohammedi or Ejaz may discuss CO2 laser resurfacing for acne scars.

The latest-generation devices use ultra-short pulses to deliver light-based energy. The heat that is produced as the laser beam pinpoints specific spots, goes to work on the underlying layers that give skin its structure. So, patients can achieve skin tightening improvements alongside correction of pigment problems, or dryness. As it relates to scars, the most appropriate candidate for Co2 treatment has depressions that aren’t too deep. If you have deeper scars, resurfacing may also be combined with other types of treatments.

Is Co2 laser resurfacing right for you?

DermCare patients appreciate that these proven lasers are highly customisable; treatments tailored to your skin type and concerns. The number of treatments that are required to reveal your best skin depend on factors such as the condition you wish to treat, the device that is recommended, and the depth of treatment. As with all procedures at DermCare, Drs Al-Mohammedi and Ejaz schedule personalised consultations with patients to determine if they are good candidates for laser resurfacing, other methods of resurfacing (such as chemical peels), or an entirely different category of treatment, such as dermal fillers or microneedling.

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I was having adult acne problem since 4 ,5 years and non of the doc in canada or back home could figure out the root cause and it was very much depressing. I thought of giving a last chance to any derma clinic and on behalf of the reviews regarding doc Mohammad Faisal i choose dermacare clinic . He gave me an oral medication and advised me to visit after 3 month. From the very first application of the medication i could see the fantasic change. And its just 3 weeks of my visit my skin has improved like anything. I am so glad and so much thank ful to Doc Faisal. And i would recommend this clinic to all those who are facing adult acne.

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