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Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating Treatment at DermCare, Mississauga

A woman sweating badly under her armpit Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. It is a common condition, affecting many people in Mississauga and around the world. It is a hereditary disorder that is unlikely to resolve itself. Injectable medication can effectively control hyperhidrosis.


Sweating during physical exertion or hot temperatures is normal. People who have hyperhidrosis experience heavy perspiration, even when their bodies are not active or overheated. The palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and underarm areas are most often affected.

Hyperhidrosis can impact your life in many ways:
  • Sweat marks on clothing may be embarrassing. They can leave stains on some types of fabric.
  • Awkward and embarrassing moments arise in social situations involving physical contact, from hugging a family member to shaking hands with a stranger.
  • Many patients report negative emotional, social, and psychological effects.
  • Excess wetness can be uncomfortable.
  • Constant moisture can lead to, or aggravate, rashes and other skin conditions.

How is it treated?

Over the counter antiperspirant is the best-known treatment. It can be effective, especially for mild sweating under the arms. However, other areas are more difficult to treat this way. Also, topical products are not strong enough to control severe excess sweating.

If antiperspirant does not solve your problem, talk to your dermatologist at DermCare. We treat this condition with an injectable medication. It works by slowing the nerve impulses that cause your body to produce too much sweat.
  • The process is fast and efficient. You will only need one appointment.
  • There is little to no recovery or downtime.
  • Results can last for several months.
  • With regular touch-ups, you can stay dry and comfortable.
We understand that excess perspiration can impact your confidence, social life, and comfort. You can stop worrying about clammy palms, skin irritation, and sweat stains. Call DermCare at (855) 952-4455 and schedule a consultation today.

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