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Nail Conditions, Fungal Infection Treatment at DermCare, Mississauga

A woman's beautiful and healthy nails Fungal infection is the most common cause of nail conditions. At DermCare in Mississauga, we recommend taking a proactive approach, because the infection can spread quickly. It can also damage the nails if left untreated.

Preventing nail fungus

These types of infections spread very easily through direct contact or contaminated surfaces. Because fungus thrives in damp conditions, locker-rooms, pool showers, and similar public areas create an ideal environment.

You can take steps to reduce your risk:
  • Wear foot protection in places such as the gym.
  • Try to change gloves or socks if they become sweaty. Nails are more susceptible to infection when they are damp for an extended period of time.
  • Don’t share personal care items, such as manicure and pedicure tools, with others.
  • Keep hands and feet clean, giving extra attention to the nails when washing and drying.


Unlike an infected fleshy wound, nail infections are not painful or uncomfortable. The first clues are visual, and they can be easy to miss. If you wear close-toed shoes and use nail polish, then you may not actually see your nails often. It is important to pay attention and watch for these signs:
  • Discoloration on part of the nail, often beginning at the tip
  • Buildup of debris under the nail
  • The nail dethatching from the toe or finger
  • Powdery, dry, or soft nail surface
  • Thickening and brittleness of the nail

Why treatment is important

One of the primary reasons for prompt treatment is preventing the spread of nail fungus. If one of your nails is infected, it can quickly move to the others. You can also infect people in your household, gym, or others you come into contact with.

If you see signs of nail fungus, don’t wait to seek treatment. Call DermCare at (855) 952-4455 and schedule a consultation today.

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